Small Grey Outline Pointer 9


[Orig.] Why you so cute!?
forever nine. #staystrongsnsd (insp.)

we will always love and support you, sica! 

Look at me, down to every pixel 
Do you really get the whole picture? 
Watching 3D colour by colour, 
There is more than all this pretty,
If you look under the cover;

126/ : 2013 EXO airport appearances

11:11 wish bring 12, 5 and 9 back

Forever 9… right?

Read: “the last day of the 9th month was the last day of 9.”


… i need ice cream. 

9月  30 ( 66 )
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Walk alone. 

吴亦凡 in Somewhere Only We Know. ❤

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and a man can’t live without love.